Pink Evening Dress//Prom dress

Pink adornment,high chest line design,cute and sweet evening dress/engagement dress,If you want to do sweet bride,this style evening dress/engagement dress is the best choise.

This bouquet mesh evening dress/Prom dress ,use light pink colour,add flower design,this evening dress/prom dress appears quietly elegant plain and neat, beautiful the princess in fairy tale,very beautiful!no matter you are short or tall,this short evening dress/prom dress will suitable for you!

Pink is girls’ favourate,especially light pink,I like light colours,and I also like flowers.rose and evening dress,add together just like a beautiful dream.

The picture color will be your final choice and we guarantee it is 100% the same as the product you will receive.Available from size S to size XL.It will take only 3-5 working days to process your dress and then 5-7 working days for delivery.Please refer to our Size Chart to choose your size.our dress:

2011 Strapless Beading Prom Dress

Many girls like strapless prom dress,because it’s sexy. Showing sexy collarbone and smooth back,girls appear more attraction attractive.especially long prom dress and small prom dress,let girls looks elegant and have more feminine flavour.

This style Prom dress ,whether you are shoulder-length hairstyle or dish hair,both very beautiful.the prom dress adopted bead embroiders design, in chest and waist both have bead embroiders design.especially on the waist, whole lap are beading,this design fully considered the back, So even look though from behind, also won’t feel drab.The prom dress’s bottom use yarn weaving material, very lightness,design simple and liberality.On the young girl body appear mature inside collect,and on the woman’s body appear elegant and young.our dress is from

Small formal evening dress color collocation

White romantic style big dress

It’s different from other white evening dress,this bright eye white evening dress, elegant and generosity, high body and conspicuous,inside take brunet embroider drape shirt and shirt fastens vest, all sends out a handsome gentleman feeling.

Avant-garde style big dress

Unique pattern design,gives people fashion and avant-garde feeling,inside take red shirt and silk bright surface shirt, revealed some pure summer youth feeling, delicate fit,it having a unique style,broke square and depressing impression, with beautiful, comfortable, concise, vogue outstanding physical beauty.

Dark blue elegant small evening dress

It’s mature steady, concise expose elegant, do not break again breath of the epoch, always have brand-new deduce,full of spark, m.ore show successful man and mature and unique charm.

White elegance small evening dress

It line is fluent, design is contracted, Free from exaggerated nature modelling,makes the whole feeling elegant generosity, with exquisite craft, more properly cut out, expensive fabrics bring mature man glamour.

White romantic small dress

Is also the white style small evening dress,add different collarband design modelling, representative fashion, positive, beyond, Pursue progress image, reflect cheerful, generosity, contracted, romantic gentleman image.

2011 autumn an winter Paris fashion week “Lssey Miyake”trend

Lssey Miyake is a great master of art,his fashion dress is full of creative power, Set plain, basic, modern at an organic whole,set plain, basic, modern at an organic whole.Lssey Miyake seems always independent out of the western haute couture,his design idea almost could compete with the whole western clothing,it is the new design style on behalf of the new direction in the furture.

Lssey Miyake’s design direct extends to fabric design field.he use the tradition fabric in the modern technology,and combined with his personal philosophy,creat unique and unimaginable weave and dress,called” fabric magician”. Lssey Miyake’s whole life,every time before he design and facture,he always wheezed and cloth,put it wrapped in, fully in himself,to feel it and to understand it.He said:”I have always close my eyes,to wait the fabric tell me what should  I do.”

Lssey Miyake’s requirements of fabric almost harsh, Let  fabric business and even himself for hundreds of processing and improvement was commonplace.

So,his design always beyond all expectations,have a magical effect.

Such as traditional quilting cotton used by Lssey Miyake is unique and magic,he preference straw weaving Japan-style grain dye, Sewn fabric since and non-woven fabrics,Alone love black,gray,low colour and Indian tie-dye color.

A little knowledge about evening dress

When you attend to concert and the opera house, you could wear the silk quality evening dress , not the hand-to-hand fight in tights. The result including the consider of the art atmosphere and that the silk fibre is the best fabric for the reflex of music, it could make the effection of music better.

If you will join your friend’s wedding, to the single, the wedding party is a wonderful opportunity to meeting friends of the same age. So at these times, the formal wear seems stereotype at this occasion, and it could not express your unique character. And wearing the evening dress or the nightshirt you could be the most attactive guest.

In the business party, no matter the scale of the symposium, if it not make out that could wear casual wear to attend, you must wear the evening or nightshirt to denote your attention. Of course, if you know the theme of this bender is not grand in advance, it is just one party, well then, you need not to make yourself like the Hollywood star. The full dress length to knee could show your candor and youth.

Having a dinner in one western restaurant with someone, in these occation, the good wine and the atomosphere leave a deeper inpression than the number of the puree. In the frendly drinking atomosphere, elegant evening dress could become the best blender.

To attend the normal dinnerparty, wearing the formal dress is to thanks and respect the master. And wearing the formal clothing could also constraint our behaiver.

If you often go to these occasions, you should know some dressing skills. If you want to dress up fashionable, you could combine the theme colour with the popular colour. And in case of urgent, you can’t choose the smart style, you could purchase the simplest and most classic one—black, open-neck, sleeveless, this would not out of time. Then you can use some delicate details to decorate it, such as the coral necklace, one rose vanity ect. In current fashin industry, there have one criterion: accessory decide fashion. So one little exquisite adornment could make you more arractive.

Useful Advice On Evening Dresses

People who are senior white-collars usually take part in parties in which there usually are celebrities.So Evening dresses play an unsubtitued role.

Evening dresses could possibly be one of the most advantageous apparel to show feminine and so you need to think about on decoration to make sure that you are outstanding among these guests.

Because belonging for that light, evening create on outfits is normally considerably more colorful. So earlier to the election of your evening dresses, you will require to create obvious the theme belonging for that party, evening outfits will require to harmony using the theme otherwise ought for getting outstanding. The evaluation of an stylish and charming females within celebration within greatest praise. Black, white, purple, red, green, pink, blue can be the traditional colours that you just can choose.

Thanks to the light,you are more colorful if you wear an evening dress.

Different Styles of Evening Dresses

When we set out to buy evening dresses we still have so many decisions to make. What style, what colour, what length and most importantly does it suit the occasion and the formality of the evening.

The little black dress is a popular choice because it can be worn in any season for any occasion and dressed up or down to suit the event.

But maybe your looking for a light cotton summer dress to keep you looking hot but not feeling it at outdoor events such as barbecue parties or to take on holiday for a simple stylish evening look. Maxi dresses and halter neck styles are excellent for these types of occasions.

Or perhaps you have a formal dinner or prom/ball to attend. You want something classy and elegant but unique at the same time. These range from long to knee length styles, strapless, backless, corset and so on. And the modern look of shoulders on display and defined waistlines is feminine and flattering to most body types.

You may, on the other hand, be searching for the perfect trendy fun party dress which is a lot less formal than a prom. These dresses tend to follow the latest trend closely and are constantly changing throughout the year.

As you can see when you want to buy evening dresses there are so many things to consider. If you are looking for some inspiration keep your eye on the big celebrity red carpet events, there are so many different styles of evening dresses to choose from.

Summer Fresh Beautiful Bridesmaid Evening Dress

Bridesmaid also is the wedding’s beautiful scenery,so,the bridesmaid evening dress’s choice is also very important.But this scenery can only “foil red flower”,can’t presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role,robbed the bride thunder.

Bright purple flashy fabrics bridesmaid evening dress

Bright purple flashy fabrics is the best decoration, small pile of led the design are also popular.

Fashionable sequins elements bridesmaid evening dress

The noble and elegant classic style, blended in fashionable sequins elements, the belt mix build more personality.

Tassel texture fabric highlights the evening dress’s gentle

Silver evening dress is very suits the shiny party, Tassel texture fabric highlights gentle, also very test wearer figure.

Enduring style

Blue is one of our favourate colors,evening dress style’s change is not heavy and complicated,but it’s enduring style.

If You Have No More Evening Dress

◆Goddess inclined shoulder evening dress

The goddess of single shoulder inclined shoulder design evening dress, frequently often appear in each big awards red carpet.If you have classic temperament,and handsomely shoulder,you can try classic inclined shoulder evening dress.

But,inclined shoulder relative to ordinary condole style evening dress,still belongs to “pick people” wear design.the arm too plump is easy to exposed weaknesses.and the breasts are too thin will also difficult to deduce goddess demeanor.

Star demonstration

Cameron pink inclined shoulder evening dress on the golden globes shine brilliantly

We also have many inclined shoulder evening dress, Prom dress , engagement can choose at least one evening dress you like! welcome to grilsindress !


Oriental connotation how to choose perfect Chinese style evening dress

When Chinese style meet evening dress, what will be produced effect?The answer is Chinese style evening,many youngs like Chinfun evening dress,and formed a kind of style,this style representative our spirit and enthusiasm,and suave the characteristics. facing the brightly dresses, You must already dazzling!How to choose the one that most suitable for your? You again this where to begin, pay attention to what problem?

Buy the dress note:

1.Find a staff officer

When choose evening dress,you must to find a staff officer,can be your mother,also can be your friends,she should very understanding about you,knows whitch is the best suitable for should pay attention to the following two points:first, To ensure that she won’t impose her suggestion on you;second,you can let both your mother and your friend accompany you shopping togather,because all of them will let you dress the most beautiful evening dress they think,then,you will confused and don’t know how to choose.whold day,you are so tired,but draw a blank.

2.Get to know yourself

The most important thing is accroding to your figure type to choose style of yourself.the first time you can choose four diffrient style to dress,fast you will know which one is the most sutiable for you.

3. Size to fit

If your evening dress is not custom-made,when choosing evening dress,first should meet your body size of the most full part,such as:chest, waist or hip,then, see other parts whether appropriate.And you shoule also attention to that,choose evening dress should a little bigger than your figure type,because if bigger ,you can made it smaller easy,but if smaller,you can’t made it bigger.

4. Trying on the dress

Maybe you choosed a evening dress suitable for you,but forgot to trying on.It’s very important to trying on the should pay attention to the following tip: Tire, necklaces and shoes, etc all the accessories,should coordination with your evening dress,evening dress if can let you freedom of movement?Try sit, heave arm, bend, hugging and rotation,see, when doing these postures, wether can appear embarrass you of situation? Put on it whether feel too hot or too cold?etc.